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Our clients

I’ve always wanted to convert my home to a renewable energy source and Greenergy have paved my way into it. Now, I have a low cost power source all year long thanks to them!
Alisha Waterton
Home Solar Conversion
Geothermal energy that Greenergy installed in our home has proven to be best decision we could have made. It lowered our monthly costs, and it also improved our home heating.
John Donovan
Geothermal Conversion
Environmental protection was our top priority when we contacted Greenergy. They improved and upgraded so many things in our home that truly make the difference.
Maria Robertson
Home Solutions
I’ve always wanted to join a community that takes care of it’s environment and Greenergy did just that! Feel proud to be part of it!
John Waterton
To help conserve the planet was my long lasting dream and I’ve joined the Greenergy NGO to do just that. They’re an awesome team!
Brenda McIntosh

It’s all possible, we can do it together!

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